February 17, 2022

Wholesale Ferrosilicon Notes

Ferrosilicon is a good deoxidizer and inoculant, and is widely application in steel making and casting. Because ferrosilicon is a consumable raw material, some users who use large quantities need to purchase large quantities, so it is more appropriate to wholesale ferrosilicon from manufacturers, no matter in terms of price or after-sales service.

Wholesale Ferrosilicon Notes:

  1. Certificate

    In order to better attract customers to buy ferrosilicon, manufacturers will submit samples to authoritative testing organizations for laboratory tests, which will provide test reports and certificates. When wholesale ferrosilicon from manufacturers you can check these certificates and get relevant product details, including elemental content, specifications and other important information.

  2. Experiences

    Some old ferrosilicon manufacturers have very much experience in production, and it is more reliable to choose these manufacturers for wholesale ferrosilicon. Because old manufacturers can often withstand the test of market customers, if they provide poor quality ferrosilicon, naturally they will not be in business for long.

  3. Samples

    In order to purchase ferrosilicon more in line with your needs, we recommend that you can ask the manufacturer for samples for trial and testing before purchasing, although some manufacturers may charge you for the samples, but it is more reliable to do so.

  4. Field trips

    If the conditions allow, then you can also visit the ferrosilicon manufacturers on site, which can be more intuitive to help you get the right judgment, you can start with the scale, equipment, technology and other aspects.


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