March 31, 2022

High Quality Silicon Briquette 45%

As a new metallurgical material, silicon briquette 45% is widely used in the steelmaking and casting processes. In the steelmaking process, silicon briquette 45% can make the steel quickly deoxidized, which is mainly because of its rich internal silicon element. High-quality silicon briquette 45% has the characteristics of silicon ≥ 45% and fewer impurities.

silicon briquette
silicon briquette


Silicon briquette 45% can be divided into two kinds according to the raw material: ferrosilicon briquette and silicon carbon briquette, whose silicon content can reach more than 45%, the difference is that ferrosilicon briquette 45% has relatively high iron content, while silicon carbon briquette 45% is richer in carbon elements, ferrosilicon briquette 45% is mainly used in the steel making process, while silicon carbon briquette 45% is mainly used in the casting process. In the production process, both need to be crushed first and then pressed into shape using a professional briquette press, and the internal sulfur, phosphorus, and other harmful elements are removed through the calcination process.

silicon briquette classfications


Silicon briquette 45% is mainly used in steelmaking and casting process, in the process of steel making need to heat the steel, thus need to add oxygen to the steel, too much oxygen in the later stage will cause many oxides, making the steel purity decline, affecting the quality of steel, so need to use silicon briquette 45% as a deoxidizer for deoxidation, the silicon element in the silicon briquette can quickly combine with the oxygen in the steel, so as to generate silicon gas, take away most of the oxygen in the steel, thus reducing the number of oxides, improve the purity of the steel, improve the quality of steel.

silicon briquette applications
silicon briquette applications

Silicon briquette 45% is also widely used in the casting process, it can promote the fluidity of the iron liquid in the iron liquid, reduce the blockage of the outlet caused by poor fluidity, improve the distribution of graphite, promote the formation of graphite nuclei speed and quantity, effectively reduce the tendency of white mouth and honeycomb holes in the casting, improve the quality of the casting.


Model Content
Si C P S
Silicon Brequette 45# 45%min 2.0%max 0.05%max 0.05%max
Silicon Brequette 50# 50%min 1.5%max 0.05%max 0.05%max
Silicon Brequette 65# 65%min 1.0%max 0.05%max 0.05%max
Silicon Brequette 70# 70%min 0.5%max 0.05%max 0.05%max

High-quality silicon briquette 45% better effect

high-quality silicon briquette

The use of high-quality silicon briquette 45% can often achieve better results, the first requirement of silicon briquette 45% silicon content should be ≥ 45%, the user can ask the manufacturer for samples for laboratory testing. Before buying also need to ask the manufacturer to see the test report, the manufacturer will provide two types of reports, generally, for the authority and third-party testing organizations, the user can use these test reports to identify high-quality silicon briquette 45%. In the purchase before you can also line to buy samples for trial, qualified before you can make a purchase, thus avoiding many risks.


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