February 18, 2022

Ferrosilicon Briquettes

  1. Introduction
  2. What is ferrosilicon briquettes?
  3. Applications
  4. Specifications
  5. How to buy ferrosilicon briquettes?

Ferrosilicon briquettes are a more economical ferroalloy that can be more effective in reducing steelmaking costs and has good deoxidizing properties. It has the properties of ferrosilicon but at a very low price. The main elements of ferrosilicon briquettes are silicon and iron, with the rest being trace elements such as calcium, manganese, and chromium. Some users with strict process requirements will be interested in limiting the trace element content.

What is ferrosilicon briquettes?

The raw material of ferrosilicon briquettes is mainly derived from ferrosilicon, which is crushed and ground into powder form and shaped by adding silicon powder and other raw materials using a ball press. Ferrosilicon briquettes are rich in silicon, which can effectively deoxidize the steel, significantly reduce the number of oxides and allow inclusions to float on the surface of the steel, thus facilitating cleaning and improving the purity of the steel.


  1. Used as a steelmaking deoxidizer to effectively treat the oxygen in the steel
  2. Can be used in casting to promote the fluidity of iron, enhance the number of Eutectics and improve the distribution of graphite
  3. Used as a good reducing agent in metallurgical processes to promote the precipitate of elements


Model No. Chemical Composition (%)
Si Fe Al C P S
FeSi Briquete 70 70 min. 15-20 ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.1
FeSi Briquete 65 65 min. 15-20 ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.1
FeSi Briquete 60 60 min. 15-20 ≤5.0 ≤5.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.1
FeSi Briquete 55 55 min. 15-20 ≤5.0 ≤5.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.1

How to buy ferrosilicon briquettes?

Some users need to use large quantities, so the best way to buy is to buy wholesale ferrosilicon briquettes from the manufacturer, which is less expensive and allows them to ask for help with any problems they encounter when using the goods once they have been received.


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