March 31, 2022

Low Ferrosilicon Powder

The elemental silicon content in low ferrosilicon powder is from 10% to 20%. It has relatively low elemental silicon content for other types of ferrosilicon powder, so it is named low ferrosilicon powder and is widely used in steelmaking, casting, mineral processing, and other industries. Low ferrosilicon powder can be divided into atomized low ferrosilicon powder and grinding low ferrosilicon powder according to the processing type atomized low ferrosilicon powder is processed by ultra-fine water mist process, using high precision screening, grinding low ferrosilicon powder is made by crushing low ferrosilicon into the uniform size of the block and then using ultra-fine grinding equipment for grinding, through the screen screening process.

low ferrosilicon
low ferrosilicon

Raw material

The raw material for low ferrosilicon powder is ferrosilicon with low elemental silicon, which is crushed and ground into granular form, and then ground using ultra-fine grinding equipment to make a powder with a smaller particles size. Strictly speaking, low ferrosilicon powder is not a powder but consists of many ultra-small ferrosilicon particles.
low ferrosilicon powder


Low ferrosilicon powder is mainly composed of silicon, iron, manganese, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. It can be processed into 65D, 150D, 270D, and other particle sizes according to user requirements.


  1. It is widely used in the steelmaking industry as a good deoxidizer. Low silica iron powder can produce a chemical reaction with oxygen in the steel to produce silica gas. It greatly reduces the oxygen content in the steel, thus reducing the number of oxides and impurities, and improves the morphology of inclusions so that the inclusions float on the surface of the steel and can be cleaned more easily, improving the purity of the steel and enhancing the quality of steel.
  2. Low ferrosilicon powder can be quickly dissolved in steel when making steel, which can significantly reduce the number of raw materials such as scrap steel and ore, and effectively raise the furnace temperature, thus effectively avoiding the generation of large amounts of smelting slag and reducing the amount of lime. Improve steel production, reduce production costs and improve the benefits for manufacturers.
  3. Be widely used in the field of mineral processing, low ferrosilicon powder with magnetic, can use the density screening method to screen the ore, for example, in the screening process of gold, diamond ore, copper ore has been widely used, and low ferrosilicon powder can also be recycled and reused, significantly reducing the cost of mineral processing.
  4. Widely used in the casting production process, low ferrosilicon powder can effectively improve the distribution pattern of graphite, enhance the number of eutectic pellets, effectively promote the breeding effect, and significantly improve the efficiency of the casting process.
low ferrosilicon powder packaging & shipping
low ferrosilicon powder packaging & shipping

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Packaging: 1 mt jumbo bag low ferrosilicon powder (standard export package) or as per your demand.
  2. Delivery time: After issuing of L/C within 15-20days or within 15-20 days after advanced payment.

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