February 28, 2022

Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder In China

  1. What is atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder?
  2. Specification
  3. Applications
  4. Advantages
  5. Packaging & Shipping
  6. Samples

China atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder is very popular among customers all over the world, mainly because of its high quality and cost performance. Usually, many ferrosilicon powder manufacturers will use lumps ferrosilicon with 45% silicon content as the raw material for processing atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder, in terms of mesh size, according to customers’ requirements.

Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder
Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder

What is atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder?

Ferrosilicon lumps using silicon ≥ 45% are crushed and then processed by high-precision grinding equipment. The processed ferrosilicon powder is blown into very small particles by a high-pressure water jet system and sieved by a drying process and strict screening equipment. Atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder is mainly composed of silicon, aluminum, manganese, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, iron, and other elements, of which silicon is mainly controlled at 43% to 47%, and the rest are trace elements. The common atomized ferrosilicon powder mainly has 40 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh, and so on. Many manufacturers generally support the customization of atomized 45% ferrosilicon powder with different mesh sizes, which is convenient for users to purchase and use.

Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder
Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder


ModelChemical Composition (%)Performance
SiMnPSCFlow Rate
Loose loading specific gravity
FeSi4543-47< 0.70< 0.04< 0.02< 0.1050g/41”2.5g/cm3


  1. Applied to the raw material of welding flux, it can effectively improve the deoxidation performance of welding rod and reduce the influence of oxygen on the welding effect in welding.
  2. As a good deoxidizing material in steel making, it can greatly reduce the deoxidizing time and improve the deoxidizing effect, and the process of deoxidizing is very stable, which can greatly improve the safety of staff work.
  3. The basic raw material of silicone.
  4. Can be used in the production of high temperature resistant materials, such as the production of enamel, ceramic products, high purity silicon wafers production process.
  5. Widely used in mineral screening


  1. Through high precision screening process, it has very good oxidation resistance, and hardness band, high magnetic.
  2. Good wear resistance, high specific gravity.
  3. Wide application, can be used in steel making, casting, welding rod production process, etc.
  4. Can be recovered, significantly reduce the cost of mineral processing, and less loss, high recovery rate.

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Package: 25Kg/bag, 1MT/bag
  2. We have partnerships with several logistics centers for delivery by land and sea.
Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder packaging & shipping
Atomized 45% FerroSilicon Powder packaging & shipping


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