Ferrosilicon 65%

Ferrosilicon 65%, which requires Si ≥ 65%, is widely used in steel making and casting.

  1. General Details
    • Silicon: ≥65%
    • Brand Name: Anyang jinbeite
    • Size: 0mm~1mm, 1mm~10mm, 10mm~50mm
    • Color: Black & Gray
    • Shape: Lump, Grain, Powder
    • package: Tons of bags
    • Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTC Chinese testing
    • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
    • Delivery Time: 5-10 Work Days
    • Place of Origin: China

    Ferrosilicon 65% is rich in Si and Fe, with Si≥65%, Fe≥34%, and the rest being trace elements such as Al, Ca, Ti, and C. Quartz stone is the main raw material for the production of ferrosilicon 65%, Use of carbonaceous raw materials as reducing agent and heating with an electric furnace. Ferrosilicon 65% is currently a more economical product that can effectively reduce production costs, and it is now widely used in steelmaking and foundry industries, for example, in the production of stainless steel and carbon steel where it needs to be added instead of expensive deoxidizers to prevent carbon loss in the steel. According to the requirements of the use environment, ferrosilicon 65% can be processed into granules, lumps, and powders, thus making it a satisfactory application in many fields.

  2. Application

    Ferrosilicon 65% is an economical deoxidizing material in steel making. It is added to the production of carbon steel and stainless steel to replace the expensive deoxidizer and reduce the cost of steelmaking. Ferrosilicon 65% is rich in silicon, so it can react with the oxygen in the steel faster and the process is very stable, which not only speeds up the deoxidation efficiency but also enhances the safety of the operator.

    Ferrosilicon 65% is also a good breeding promoter in the casting process, it can enhance the breeding effect of the iron, when producing graphite cast iron, it can enhance the speed of graphitization and promote the number of eutectic pellets, significantly improving the quality of castings and effectively reducing the occurrence of white mouth tendency.

  3. Specifications
    TypeChemical Composition
    Ferro silicon 65%SiAlCSP
    Size:0-3mm,3-10mm,10-50mm,50-100mmOr according to customer requirements
  4. Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging can be customized according to customer requirements, including wooden frame, pallet and iron drum packaging. By default, ferrosilicon 65% products can be packed in ton bags. The products can be exported to all over the world by land + sea, so that customers all over the world can use ferrosilicon 65% products with confidence.


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