February 21, 2022

Iron Silicon Alloy

  1. Introduction
  2. What is iron silicon alloy?
  3. Characteristics
  4. Grades
  5. Applications
  6. Purchase Method

We receive many inquiries from customers asking if we produce iron silicon alloy. In fact, iron silicon alloy is FeSi(FerroSilicon), but it is called differently in different regions.

iron silicon alloy
Iron silicon alloy

What is iron silicon alloy?

The main raw material of iron silicon alloy is quartz stone, which is produced by heating in an electric furnace and using carbonaceous material as a reducing agent to precipitate the silicon element from the silica in quartz stone and adding a certain amount of steel scrap.

What is iron silicon alloy?


Iron silicon alloy has a silvery-gray appearance and can be processed into various shapes of granules, powders, and lumps according to demand. The iron silicon alloy contains mainly Si & Fe elements, and the rest are trace elements such as Al, C, P, and S. It has very good deoxidation.


Iron silicon alloys are graded according to their internal silicon content, and the common iron silicon alloys are FeSi75%, FeSi72%, and FeSi65%. It is important to note that different grades of Iron silicon alloys differ in price and usage.


Iron silicon alloys are currently mainly used in steelmaking and casting processes. In steelmaking, they can be used as an effective deoxidizer, and with its rich internal silicon element, it can quickly produce a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the steel, thus quickly deoxidizing the steel. In the casting process, iron silicon alloy can effectively promote the number of Eutectics and improve the quality of castings.

Purchase Method

If you use a large amount, then we recommend that you can wholesale ferrosilicon from the manufacturer so that you can get more discounts. We also recommend that you can ask for ferrosilicon samples from the manufacturer before you buy to determine if it meets your needs through assays and tests.


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